REACT (ANR-20-CE28-0012) is a research project about reactive practices — the practices in which we engage in the face of wrongness, such as punishment, blame, shame, and forgiveness. The project addresses theoretical, normative and empirical questions about these practices, with a specific focus on the normative distortions associated with discrimination. Its aim is to spell out how reactive practices shape our individual and collective agency.


Laurent Jaffro, « Honte et justice. Comment sauver la psychologie morale de Rawls », Œconomia, 13-4 | 2023.
HART Herbert, « Prolégomènes aux principes de la peine [traduit par Benoît Basse et Nicolas Nayfeld] », Droits, 2022/2 (n° 76), p. 251-276. DOI : 10.3917/droit.076.0251
Interview published on 18 September 2023
5-6 October 2023 Final conference in Rennes
4 October 2023 Workshop in Rennes
05/25/2023, 1:30-4:30 PM. Nicolas Nayfeld: "Hart: liberalism without natural rights?": discussion of an essay by Gregory Bligh. UPEC faculty of law.
May 2023. Nicolas Nayfeld, "Moral Pluralism and the Complexity of Punishment: The Penal Philosophy of H.L.A. Hart", Routledge
05/16/23. 5:30PM-7PM. Fourth session of the penal philosophy seminar at the ENM (coorganized by Nicolas Nayfeld and Bertrand Mazabraud).
03/24/23, 1:30-3 PM. Eighth reading group session: Lacey & Pickard, "To Blame or to Forgive?".
April 13-14. International conference, coorganized by the ENM and REACT, "Criminal Justice at the Frontiers of Forgiveness".
04/11/23. 5:30PM-7PM. Third session of the penal philosophy seminar at the ENM (coorganized by Nicolas Nayfeld and Bertrand Mazabraud).
03/14/23. 5:30PM-7PM. Second session of the penal philosophy seminar at the ENM (coorganized by Nicolas Nayfeld and Bertrand Mazabraud).
02/24/23, 2-3:30 PM. Seventh reading group session: Allais, "Forgiveness and Mercy".
01/26/23, 14-15:30 PM. Sixth reading group session: Minow, "Forgiveness, Law, and Justice".
02/14/23. 5:30PM-7PM. First session of the penal philosophy seminar at the ENM (coorganized by Nicolas Nayfeld and Bertrand Mazabraud).
01/14/23. Nicolas Nayfeld: "What is a response to wrongdoing?" German-French-Italian Workshop, "Themes on Moral Psychology", LMU Munich.
December 2022. Nicolas Nayfeld: publication of "Drug Courts and the ‘Responsibility without Blame' Approach" in the "Journal of Applied Philosophy", p. 1-17.
12/08/22, 15:30-17 PM. Fifth reading group session: Pereboom, "Forgiveness as Renunciation of Moral Protest".
November 2022. Vanessa De Luca, Laurent Jaffro, Nicolas Nayfeld: publication of "Criminal Responsibility, free will and mental disorders" in "Archives de politique criminelle", n° 44, p. 41-58.
September 2022. Pierre Fasula: "Valeur et légitimité du ressentiment" published in "Philosophie" (no. 155), pp. 69-83.
09/30/22. Nicolas Nayfeld: organization and moderation of a workshop on penal philosophy during the 2nd SFPJ meeting (Toulouse). Talk on our researches on criminal law and addiction within the ANR REACT project. Program attached.
07/21/22. Nicolas Nayfeld: "The Varieties of Attitudes Towards Offenders" by Nicolas Nayfeld published in "Criminal Justice Ethics". DOI: 10.1080/0731129X.2022.2101591
06/03/22. Nicolas Nayfeld: "Drug Courts and the Responsibility Without Blame Approach." Blame and Transition workshop (New York City): Columbia University & Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University.
05/12&13/22. First public and international workshop of the REACT project. Detailed program in the link above.
05/04/22, 1-5 PM. Nicolas Nayfeld: meeting with the "L'Ouvrage" team, an experimental program at the Bobigny Judicial Court (interviews, document collection, hearings).
04/29/22, 3-4 PM. Nicolas Nayfeld: "Drug Courts and the responsibility without blame approach." Transatlantic Annual Workshop in Practical Philosophy : NoSoPhi (Paris), CRE (Montreal), Parr (Chapel Hill) et Hoover (Louvain).
04/12/22, 9-10:30 AM. Nicolas Nayfeld : "The question of addiction in penal philosophy." 10:45-12:30 AM. Vanessa De Luca : "Beliefs about addiction among French magistrates." Continuous training of French magistrates.
22/04/22, 2-4 PM. Fourth reading group session: Monika Betzler and Jonas Vandieken, "Moral Indifference", presented by Monika Betzler (LMU).
03/22/22, 4:30-6 PM. Third reading group session: Rawls, "Two Concepts of Rules": practices and constitutive rules
02/24/22, 3:00-4:30 PM. Second reading group session: Pettigrove, "Attitudes and Practices": is forgiveness an attitude, a practice, or both?
01/27/22, 5-6:30 PM. First reading group session: Strawson, "Freedom and Resentment": Does Strawson distinguish between reactive practices and attitudes, and if so, how?
Laurent Jaffro: "Les équivoques du pardon. La conférence épiscopale face au rapport Sauvé." Published in The Conversation, France (December 2, 2021). The French Bishops' Conference has responded to the report on paedocriminality in the Catholic Church by adopting a penitential approach, still considering it to be forgiveness-oriented.
11/05/2021, 4-5 PM. Vanessa De Luca: "Investigating Responsibility and Reactive Responses Towards Addiction." Workshop paper at "Respect and Shame in Healthcare and Bioethics". Online, University of Exeter/University of Zurich.
04/13/2021, 10:45-12:30 AM. Nicolas Nayfeld : "H.L.A. Hart's penal philosophy." Continuous training of French magistrates.
12/10/2021, 2-5:30 PM & 12/14/2021, 2-4:30 PM. "Reactive attitudes and practices." Detailed program in the link above.
23/11/2021, 11-11.30 AM. Laurent Jaffro: "Honte et Justice." Paper at the Rawls 2021 International Conference, campus Condorcet.
26/2/2021, 4-6 PM. Laurent Jaffro: "What is Irreversible about Contempt?" Paper given at CAS-LMU, Munich.
6/7/2021, 4-6 PM. Brainstorming session for the first workshop.
21/5/2021, 4-6 PM. Nicolas Nayfeld: "Of Crimes and Reactions."
30/4/2021, 4-6 PM. Vanessa De Luca: "Investigating Responsibility and Reactive Practices towards Addiction."
26/2/2021, 4-6 PM. Laurent Jaffro: '"Reactive Practices or Reactive Attitudes?"
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